Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tips from SLRT.in on How to Attract More Customers to Supermarkets

For a supermarket in Bangalore, the main aim is to get more sales and this becomes possible when you use effective strategies that deliver desired results. In the following sections we will look at some such strategies as suggested by one of the Best supermarkets in Bangalore, SLRT.in.
How to get more sales?
Carry Out Grouping of Products
According to SLRT.in , your aim should be to utilize tail-end sections or kiosks in any aisle for grouping products that are part of a meal or help in creating a recipe. For instance, you can place whipped topping, strawberries, and short cake at one place for encouraging visitors to purchase all 3 items.
Similarly, as per SLRT.in review, you can put Italian bread, Parmesan cheese, croutons, dressing, sauce, and spaghetti at one location to give customers an idea that all these ingredients can be used together for creating a convenient meal.
Utilize Loss Leaders
Loss leaders is a term that refers to goods or products which supermarkets sell for actual cost and even for a lower value for attracting visitors to their store.
For example, if cost of edible oil spikes then SLRT.in Bangalore suggests that a supermarket can start selling the same for a loss or actual cost. It is likely that visitors will not stop just at purchasing edible oil and will start purchasing other things while they are at the store. This way you will be able to easily cover up the loss on edible oil through profit earned on other items.
Thus, your aim should be to utilize staples like eggs, bread, and milk as your primary loss leaders and use them on rotational basis. This way your store will become a supermarket that sells grocery at bargain prices.
Provide Free Samples
According to SLRT.in, if there is a new product and it has not yet been tried by customers then what you can do is provide free samples. These free samples should be displayed close to popular items to attract attention of customers.

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